Welcome To Way2door's Vendor System

Basically Way2oor is listing and advertising the online stores, products, latest offers etc. of our vendors on every available platform and generate the online orders to them from their selected Home Delivery locations.

  • Grow your Business.

    Way2door helps you to grow your business.

  • Free Listing Online.

    Way2door provides you free listing of your store on our website.

  • Free Advertising.

    Way2door provides free advertisement service for your store.

  • Online Orders.

    Way2door provides Online Orders to your business.

  • Connect Customers to the Stores.

    Way2door establish a connection between Customers and their favorite stores.

  • Payment facility.

    Way2door provides Online payment and Cash on Delivery facility to the customers.

  • Reasonable Charges per order.

    Way2door charges only 8% per Order to the Stores.

  • Full control of Online Store.

    Way2door provides full control of Online Stores to the Store owner where Store Owner can view Orders, Payments, manage inventory etc.

  • Support Facility Available.

    Way2door provides support facility to the Stores.

  • Maintain Store Timing.

    Way2door provides Orders to the Stores in their Store Timing.

  • Selected Home Delivery Locations.

    Way2door provides facility where any Store can Choose desirable Home Delivery Locations of getting Order.

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